Dansk Video Tekst ApS is Denmark’s oldest subtitling company – since 1981 we have translated
and subtitled thousands of cinema films and TV programs. At its disposal the company has about 80
freelance translators engaged in subtitling, versioning and translating project-related press materials.
We translate from more than 20 languages into Danish, and from Danish into a handful of the
principal languages.
Dansk Video Tekst is one of the primary subtitling suppliers to the Danish Broadcasting
Corporation (DR), TV 2 and dk4. We also work for many regular customers in TV production, as
well as for a number of film companies – see Customers .

In 1994 Dansk Video Tekst started collaborating with Camp David A/S , which carries out all forms
of sound work, primarily Danish speak for foreign-language films, TV programs, product reels and
advertising spots. The company has modern sound studios at its disposal.
Dansk Video Tekst shares its address and collaborates closely with DIVO Post Production ApS .
Together with DIVO we can carry out tasks such as digitization, DVD mastering and DCP
mastering – so you’ll only be dealing with one supplier.

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